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What is RetroGamer?

This is a macro project oriented to the development of 2D video games with the style of the "old school", being the principal certainty of this the pixelart used in the craft of the same.

What You will find in this page

At this Web site basically you will be able to find three things talking in a general way :

Games:The majority of video games to be launched in the page, are firstly announced like "Projects Under Development", and when each one have been of completed already, take part of the section of just "Games".

PixelArt: Like good developer of video games retro, the pixelart delights me, and I will publish of occasional mode several digital drawings under this format, it'll be spontaneous or belonging to a project in specify.

Collective Projects: Some of the projects to develop are open to the participation of every one, only notch up, there have various ways to contact if you mean to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this box you can find a short list of the most frequent questions that people ask about this web site.


If you wish to take part in the collective projects, to do them a closer monitoring, or take part in the development of a game can do it in the Gamedev Discord's channel or RetroGamerGames's Blog

In order to contact for complaints, claims, flattery or suggestions, use this mail: retrogamergames@gmail.com or the Gamedev Discord's channel

Also are other social networks:

The RetroGamer's Facebook Page

My gamedev Twitter account

The RetroGamer's Tumblr Blog

The RetroGamer's contents Youtube channel


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