Childish Levels
Started: January 2018

"An editor so that even a child can design levels"

What is obtained when is joining Interactive Objects, Enemies, Traps, Decorations Elements, Gems and Coins? if also add a intuitive levels's editor, then the answer is: Childish Levels.

A game with thousands of possibilities in the disposition of the levels, as soon as no one must be equal to another one, and that besides you offer the possibility to design your of one's own levels.

Originally I had desire that the final version of game have for less 980 levels already done, as soon as creative extra help would not be not becoming.

Needless to say that the final version of the game will also have the mode of edition of levels but only in disposition that the player create new levels, the pre-made levels will not be able to get modified.



This is for giving a shallow notion of the advance of status of the project's development

Some things done:

How to participate

There have two forms to take part in this project

Design of levels: Only you have to download the game in his Developer Phase and initiate to design levels with the simple and versatile editor of levels.

One time you complete a considerable quantity of designed levels, send the file options of configuration that is in the video game's folder, which calls itself "file" to the mail with the subject Childish Levels and annexed your name, or your nick if you prefer it

Design of costumes:One of the characteristics of the video game, it is that you can personalize your player changing his color and adding him a disguise, which only will have in its head, initially I have had 51 disguises, of yours depend if you wish to draw more.

To make a contribution in this way, you only have to download the sheet of disguises in order that you have an idea of you must do it and once you end with the drawings, send its to the mail with the subject Childish Costumes and annexed your name, or your nick if you prefer it.


There are no contributions still


Editor Console

Bugs and Adjustments

Configurations of levels are saved in a .ini file, which does not allow to keep levels complete when this have many elements, which is why it must be replaced for the use of text files (.txt)

Fixed, now the actions of save levels use text files (.txt)

This is an advertising :) an advertising too :v


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